3 – Ready-To-Eat

This third section of permits & licenses* applies only to convenience stores selling fresh and prepared meals such as sandwiches, raw vegetables or ready-to-eat menus and meals prepared on site.

Because these activities involve the handling of fresh food and bear health and safety risks, the government imposes various types of permits depending on the activities nature and the extent of the food offering. It also forces employees to follow a mandatory training on food hygiene.

The MAPAQ is responsible for the licensing of these activities and as far as training is concerned, a convenience store can contact one of 200 trainers authorized by MAPAQ and listed here. The prices may vary depending on the training company chosen, the most prestigious of them being the Institut du Tourisme et de l’Hôtellerie du Quebec (ITHQ).

NoPurposeLicense / Permit NameDepartmentMinistry2010 Fees2021 FeesFrequencyTransaction Mode
9FRESH & PREPARED MEALSFile Opening FeeMAPAQMAPAQ$110.00$129.00OnceCheck by mail
10FRESH & PREPARED MEALSNon-buffet general preparation permit (RSR)MAPAQMAPAQ$285.00$331.00YearlyBy mail & online for renewal
11FRESH & PREPARED MEALSFees for up to 5 units for hot or cold food offeringMAPAQMAPAQ$220.00$254.00YearlyBy mail & online for renewal
12FRESH & PREPARED MEALSTraining in Hygiene and Sanitation for Food Establishment ManagersITHQ (and 200 authorized trainers)MAPAQ$175.00 (ITHQ)$185.00 (ITHQ)OnceOnline
13FRESH & PREPARED MEALSHygiene and Safety Training for Food HandlersITHQ (and 200 authorized trainers)MAPAQ$95.00 (ITHQ)$95.00 (ITHQ)OnceOnline


*Please note that the MAPAQ website and most of the documentation it contains are available in French only