7 – ATM

The seventh license section concerns the presence of an automated teller machine (ATM). For this to happen, you must go through some heavy bureaucratic paperwork requiring hours of work, enough to discourage you from managing an ATM in your store altogether. This regulation, unique in Quebec and apparently justified by the need to prevent money laundering, requires online disclosure of business ties by owners and, also, requires to speak with an advisor. Secondly, even if it is a simple ATM, it is necessary to provide a list of all employees who have to do tasks related to the management of the ATM and keep it up to date. A tedious and frankly exaggerated task.

NoPurposeLicence / Permit NameDepartmentMinistry2010 Fees2021 FeesFrequencyTransaction Mode
28ATMLicense for a Money-Services business (ATM)Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)Ministère des Finances$0.00$226.00 per ATM yearlyYearlyBy mail
29ATMThe fees charged for each security clearance report, which must be made about certain key people within the companyAutorité des marchés financiers (AMF)Ministère des Finances$0.00Minimum $127.00 for each personOnceBy mail