Created In Quebec, GURU Is A Natural Source Of Energy For C-Store Profits

If you sell energy drinks in your convenience store, there is no reason not to offer GURU.

Why? Because this product offers three things that convenience store owners appreciate a lot: a product that goes out quickly, a 30% + margin and a brand that stands out.

Add to that a healthy product made of 100% natural ingredients that was created here, in Quebec, and we’re entering a wow zone.

That sums up the magic of GURU, the Quebec organic energy drink that is a hit on the shelves here and abroad, especially in California where the company invests significant resources to attract young and urban customers.

To know more about this intriguing magic potion, Carl Goyette, Marketing Vice-President, welcomed DepQuébec at GURU‘s headquarters in the heart of Montreal’s Villeray district.

Smiling and cheerful, we can see right on that he knows everything about his product.

GURU is the only energy drink made in Canada in which all the ingredients – even caffeine – come from a healthy organic source. That makes a big difference as to the benefit you’re getting: absorption is slower and the stimulation is better, without jitters or crash”, said Goyette.

And stimulation, there is! After testing a few samples – and despite being a long-time coffee drinker – the author of this article did not expect such an impact on his energy level. Watch out!

A quality product designed right here in Quebec

GURU is a genuine Montreal success story. The company started in 1999 when two high school friends noticed a distinct consumer appeal for cool “smart drinks” that help spend part of the night dancing in clubs.

Made from organic ingredients, the little can enjoys a growing presence, now being distributed pretty much everywhere, be at Sobeys (IGA, Boni-Soir, etc.), Metro, Loblaw (Provigo, Maxi), Couche-Tard and even Wal-Mart.

It is only recently, however, that the company has firmly focused on its health positioning, by hiring a “druid”, Luc Martin-Privat, who is developing new recipes such a GURU energy water and Carl Goyette who set the course for the health positioning of the product.

Goyette admits he is not seeking to dethrone the leader that is Red Bull or others, but to complete the energy drink category with a healthy alternative.

“Consumers are becoming more and more attracted to healthy alternatives, and those who enjoy energy drinks while being health-concious naturally turn to GURU.  So we keep them happy and satisfied in a high-margin category instead of waiting for them to leave the category as a whole for a less interesting one such as bottled water for example,” said Goyette.

Energetic and healthy, what a mix!

Because of the rebellious image carefully maintained by Red Bull and all its daredevil stunts (like the skydiver jumping out of space), the idea of a healthy and organic energy drink (with angel wings instead of a wingsuit) takes some time to assimilate.

But this is precisely what GURU is: a chilled and carbonated herbal tea, most of whose ingredients come from the infusion of organic plants.

Indeed, GURU’s caffeine, among others ingredients, is obtained by the infusion of green tea. And there is absolutely nothing healthier than green tea, according to Dr. Richard Béliveau, a specialist in cancer prevention!

A true healthy product, GURU is the only energy drink listed in Sobeys’ Rachelle-Béry health food stores! … and even at Jean-Coutu drugstores.

Finally, to close that case, here is a convincing comparison of ingredients between Red Bull and GURU.

GURU‘s niche is therefore very forward-looking and promising, with oracles like former Google president Eric Schmidt, who recently predicted that a plant-based revolution is coming.

And speaking of plants, what about this amazing innovation from GURU to have used an Asian fruit unknown here (the monk fruit) as a substitute for sugar in its light version, almost without sugar.

A politically correct GURU

The nice thing with GURU is that it is safe from all the threats of prohibition, over-regulation and taxes that weigh on the energy drink category.

  • A sugary tax on GURU? It already has a version without sugar… which tastes really good with this famous fruit of the monks (really surprising, try it);
  • A ban on energy drinks for minors or consumption in public places? GURU’s ingredients are very similar to coffee: if you want to ban GURU, then you’ll have to ban coffee as well! … good luck.

Québec’s little organic drink is therefore on a roll: according to its manufacturer, GURU has been the fastest growing energy drink brand in Quebec in recent years.

In a market valued at approximately $ 600 million in annual sales across the country, GURU has captured 10% of the market in Quebec according to the company.

Always on the lookout for promotions, sponsorships and product mix, GURU has recently been much noticed through a very effective product placement in the popular show Occupation Double at TVA.

GURU offers volume discounts and year-round promotions. Its retail price is similar to those of its competitors. You can order directly by contacting the head office or through your distributor.

So, what are you waiting for to add GURU in your energy drink offering? Unless it’s already the case of course.

GURU’s recent association to the popular Quebec TV show ‘Occupation Double’ has provided outstanding brand visibility to its target audience, young adults.


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