Prodep Diligence: The First Complete Solution To Avoid Fines


Prodep Diligence is the first complete solution aimed at helping retailers to avoid fines stemming from the sale of tobacco, alcohol, lottery and other 18+ products to minors by reducing the risk of conviction in case of an offense and improving the age verification management process.

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Prodep Diligence is the first complete solution aimed at helping retailers to avoid fines stemming from the sale of tobacco, alcohol, lottery and other 18+ products to minors by reducing the risk of conviction in case of an offense and improving the age verification management process.

According to Section 14 of the Quebec Tobacco Act, “no penalty may be imposed on a defendant who shows that a reasonable effort was made to verify the age of the person.”

To this end, Prodep Diligence offers a complete range of tools to install a near than perfect age verification in-store procedure and in an equally important way, to accumulate evidence of such high-quality management in case of a trial following an offense.

Contrary to the current industry practices of using some or a few different procedures, Prodep Diligence combines all aspects of due diligence into a simplified, comprehensive and integrated approach.

By using a range of elaborate and tailor-made tools, Prodep Diligence is the first solution to offer retailers, large and small, the opportunity to meet the highest standards in age verification process and procedures for the least amount of time and effort (click to enlarge).

The operator is thus in greater control, less monopolized and better protected.

A completely redesigned approach

To prevent the sale to minors, the innovative concept of Prodep Diligence operates at 7 different levels and proposes 12 safeguards that are easy to implement thanks to the tools offered. In the event of an offense, the retailer will benefit from an abundance of evidence that demonstrate a superior and advanced due diligence process which should help secure an acquittal verdict.

The Prodep Diligence toolkit solution covers all aspects of age verification, from employee training to the store overall compliance (click to enlarge).
A turnkey solution in a kit

Prodep Diligence toolkit comes in a sturdy 3-ring zippered or velcro binder organizer (depending on the format) that includes both a section with rings and a section with folders.

The 3-ring section is used to keep all documents, evidence and forms to be presented to the court in the event of a prosecution. No more risk, then, of losing any document. As for the folders, they are used to keep documents such as manuals, posters and certificates that we would rather not see perforated.

The employee age verification training is based on the Prodep 60-page color official training manual, offered in three copies and entitled: ” Écarte-toi pas, carte!” (meaning: “Stay focused and ask for ID” and also available in English).

The employee training manual includes five learning modules that cover not only carding techniques but also an overview of the legal and regulatory environment in which employees work.
Version for 10 or 20 store clerks

The kit comes in 2 formats: regular (for up to 10 store clerks) and large (for up to 20).

The kit’s large format covers the management of up to 20 employees at the checkout. It includes everything in duplicate compared to the regular kit except the USB key since one is enough, certain forms and it contains 5 training manuals instead of 3. The large binder is 4 inches thick instead of 2 inches for the regular one. It is blue and not black and closes with a zipper instead of a velcro. It includes a handle and a shoulder strap to carry it (weight: 20 lb).

The regular kit includes about 600 pages including:

  • 3 color copies of the employee training manual (60 pages);
  • 1 color retailer instruction manual of 17 pages;
  • 10 employee files of 30 pages each including 10 exercises and exams (5 each);
  • 16 program management forms and checklists;
  • 9 employee reminder posters (3 different designs, 2 copies of each on card stock);
  • 10 personalized training certificates printed on thicker paper (22 lb);
  • 1 personalized store policy to be displayed in-store once signed by the operator (10 copies) on card stock;
  • set of mandatory government posters;
  • set of forms to be photocopied if needed;
  • a USB key for evidence photos, a pen, a punch and a set of color bookmarks.

The complete and detailed content of the regular kit is accessible by clicking HERE.

Most forms are completed by managers or employees and include checkboxes that speed up the process while ensuring good management and verification of skills.
Pricing and Accessories

The regular kit is priced at $375 all included, while the large kit (which includes twice the number of documents) is $595.

Both kits include sufficient document copies to fulfill the need of a complete year of due diligence management. Document originals are included as well to be photocopied should more be needed.

The certificates and company policy statements are delivered with the store name on them.

The kit is delivered with a 1-hole punch, bookmark labels, a pen and a USB key whose folders inside have already been created.

The kit mail delivery cost is included and it may take a few weeks between ordering and receiving the kit. It is available in French or English and it is one kit per store.

Free “Diligent Retailer” Package for the first 9 months

In addition to the kit, Prodep Diligence comes with a “Diligent Retailer” package. Sold at $150 per year, it is offered to kit buyers free of charge for the first nine months after the date of purchase and includes the following benefits:

  • support for the implementation of the Prodep system and personalized due diligence advices by phone or email;
  • Prodep forms updates sent by email that retailers can print and add to the binder (excluding employee training manual);
  • a brand new free employee test sent by e-mail every month to diversify employee controls and evaluations and which retailer can print, have them filled in by employees and insert in the binder as additional evidence;
  • free and exclusive subscription by e-mail to the quarterly newsletter Le Diligent (in French and English) sharing due diligence best practices accross Quebec retailer.

The annual “Diligent Retailer” package is renewable for one year after the free period has ended but only with the prior authorization of customer (no automatic renewal without the explicit consent of clients).

This is therefore an all-inclusive, turnkey solution, for which the retailer is not left on his own but accompanied with no additional charge for a period of nine months from the date of purchase, a service that can be extended thereafter by subscribing to the annual fee.

For any additional information, contact Guy Leroux at 514-993-1729 or send an email to: [email protected] You can also access DepQuébec’s contact form.

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Large (up to 20 store clerks), Regular (up to 10 store clerks)


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